Down in the Treme

We just finished the final episode of Treme season 1. I was obsessed with the Wire, and so excited about watching their next project, and I've really loved it. And only partly because I've loved geeking out about the accents.

Just like The Wire, it's been fascinating the hear the complicated web of different accents that co-exist within a city. I've worked on plays set in New Orleans before, and it's a really interesting one to research. The variety of different accents from the city, dependent on age, location, social groups is so rich, it really adds something to the depth with which the world is drawn.

Aside from loving the accents, I really recommend watching the series. It's filled with the most amazing music, played by some incredible musicians, and has some stunning performances- especially from the female actresses. The strong women in the show have been a real joy- especially in contrast to the wire.

We had a beautiful evening- we made gumbo and cornbread, and sent our love to Crescent City.