testing, testing

Been a bit quiet on the blog front lately, because it's been very much not quiet on every other front! Especially the book front! Things are starting to get very exciting: we spent all day yesterday recording the audio that accompanies the book. I was beind the mic for 8 hours, with the sharpest ears in showbiz (Sarah Shepherd) checking my every vowel and consonant. It was humbling to get back in front of the microphone, it reminded me of the complex task my clients are dealing with: juggling technical demands with creative expression. It was a wonderful day though- and we're delighted with the results.

The first proofs are back as well, and looking fabulous! We're so pleased that we are working with HarperCollins publishers, and their excellent creative teams. The book is looking really clear, and clean and modern, with really useful illustrations. Hurrah!

Just a few more months to wait: pre-order now!