Hello, Buenos Aires!

It's been a while since I've blogged, and here's my excuse: I've never been busier! Term is underway at RADA, and I'm working on quite a few other projects too. One very exciting one has been a trip to Argentina for the British Council last month.


I spent a week down at the bottom of the world talking about my ideas for pronunciation teaching in an Argentinian context. I had a wonderful time visiting the cities of Cordoba, La Plata and Buenos Aires to give talks. The best thing about my time there was the wonderful people I had the chance to meet. I gave a Keynote Presentation at FAAPI, the largest conference for English teachers in South America, and the people that I had the chance to meet there were extraordinary. Really passionate teachers of English with decades of experiece between them, whose inquisitive hunger to find ways to improve their teaching was absolutely inspiring. 


The main message that I took with me to Argentina was one of accents for English as a Lingua Franca, encouraging into the education system an awareness of Globish: English is a global language now. It's not owned by native speakers, and we need to find new ways of integrating that understanding into our teaching of pronunciation. 

The presentation that I gave at FAAPI is available here for anyone who has asked me for a copy: http://prezi.com/oz2qih0tc-1v/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy