Coaching for Actors

Whether accents come naturally to you, or send you into a cold sweat, I can help!

I think that learning an accent ought to be fun, as well as rigorous. By doing plenty of spontaneous work and improvisation, as well as work on sound placement and drills, I will help you learn an accent that is fluent and lively, as well as accurate.

I can help you to prepare an accent for a specific audition or role, develop a solid repertoire of useful accents, or help you work out why every accent you try ends up sounding the same.

Together we will work through the key ingredients of the accent:

  • The facial postures for shaping the sounds
  • The rhythm and melody
  • The vowel sounds of the accent
  • The consonant sounds of the accent

Learning an accent isn't a "one size fits all" business. The way we speak carries a huge amount of information about our identity. You will know that your own accent contains information not only about where you're from, but also your age, culture, and life experience. I will help you to incorporate these considerations into your new accent, so that you find the voice of a character that is embodied and authentic.