Coaching for non-actors

We all speak with accents, and they're determined by the ways the muscles in our mouths have learned to shape sound. Our accents are formed as children, by responding to the sounds we hear around us. This is why we often share our accents with the people who are close to us. As we get older, our ears and mouths get used to certain sounds, and we settle into habits. Our accents aren't fixed- we modify them subtly all the time, and it's possible to learn how to modify them more dramatically.
No accent is inherently better, or more suitable than any other. But at times you might feel that speaking in a certain way makes is affecting your life in a way that you're not happy with:
  • Do you feel that your accent shapes the way that people respond to you?
  • Would your spoken English be clearer if you spoke with a more 'native' British accent?
  • Do people underestimate your fluency in English because of your accent?
  • Are you fed up with people paying more attention to how you speak, rather than what you're saying?
  • Are you baffled by the rules of English pronunciation?

In an ideal world, no one would discriminate against us based on accents. But research show that knowingly or unknowingly, people do. Until we live in a world without discrimation, I can help you to modify your accent when appropriate!


It is possible to retrain our ears and mouths to produce the sounds in other accents, so that we are able to speak with a different accent. I will design a bespoke programme focussed on the key sounds that will help you to reach your target accent. This will improve other people's understanding of what you are saying, and make being asked to repeat yourself a thing of the past!